Response to Hate Incident at McCormick Junior High from Wyoming Equality & ACLU

Our offices at Wyoming Equality and ACLU were saddened today, but not surprised, to hear of an incident at McCormick Junior High where LGBT and black students were made to feel unsafe and unwelcome. While we were happy to find agreement with the McCormick Junior High School principal, Jeff Conine, who agreed that LGBT and black students should have the same access to education that any student enjoys, we were disheartened that the principal’s response did not include greater support for the LGBT and black students harmed. There can be no equivocating: there is no place in Cheyenne for this hate. Our values of fairness and “live and let live” ethics are being tested and our response as a community must be with one voice: not in our town.  

We invite all concerned citizens who want to be part of a constructive community response to hate groups trying to use children to spread divisive and hateful messages in our schools to join us Friday, March 29th at 5:30 pm, location TBD.

Mayor Orr; representatives from the 2nd Baptist Church; NAACP and a broad coalition of community, faith and business leaders will be joining us.  WE Director Sara Burlingame stated, “I don’t think these hate groups understand how fiercely we protect our children here in Cheyenne.  These students they are using as their pawns deserve much better role models. Some adult out there taught these students to carry confederate flags and scream, as they did today at McCormick Jr High, “God doesn’t want people to be fags!” Our LGBT and black students deserve kindness and support, but these students targeting them also deserve much better than the garbage they’re being fed by some hateful adults.”

Please address all questions to:

Sara Burlingame

Executive Director

Wyoming Equality

(307) 214 2556

Sabrina King

ACLU Wyoming

(801) 671 8372